The Jerusalem Forum of Jewish Renaissance Organizations was founded in 2011, with the goal of bringing a diversity of Jewish voices to the forefront, and of strengthening and empowering the rich Jewish renaissance activity taking place in Jerusalem.
The forum’s unique contribution is the creation of a realm for joint activity for the Jerusalem organizations that share a Jewish, Zionist, pluralistic world view. The aim: to bring about a change in the public discourse and Jewish culture in the city, both in the public space and government corridors.
Over thirty organizations with diverse world views are partners in the forum. The organizations operate in the realm of Jewish renewal through different channels of activity: education, culture, lobbying and activism, and employ a range of strategies and work methods.
The forum’s activity strengthens the ideological and practical basis for partnership among the liberal forces in the city, and constitutes a venue for organizations in the forum through which they can join forces and pool resources.
The activity of the forum resounds in a refreshing, strong and clear voice, rooted in the world of Jewish learning, Zionism, and values-based discourse. This voice weighs in against processes of anti-liberal extremism, which cast a shadow on the personal and cultural diversity – Jewish and non-Jewish – that characterize Jerusalem.

Our staff

Roni Yavin

Co-Founder & First Chairwoman

Shlomit Ravitzky Tur-Paz


Shlomit was born in Jerusalem. She is a lawyer, lecturer, and facilitator of groups on Judaism, society, gender, and law. She was the founder and director of Itim and served as a lawyer in rabbinic courts. In addition, she founded She'arim, a pluralistic Israeli Beit Midrash at Yeshivat Ma'aleh Gilboa and served as a facilitator of teachers of Jewish studies, as a counselor in the Ministry of Education’s Israeli Culture Administration, and as a member of the Board of Directors of Kolech and Panim. Shlomit holds a BA and MA in law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a graduate of Jewish studies programs at various academic institutions and batei midrash. She is married to Moshe (Kinli) Tur Paz and a mother of five.

Laura Gilinski

Former Chairwoman

Laura is Deputy Director for Development and International Relations at the Israel Museum Jerusalem. Prior to joining the Museum, she served as Chief Development and Public Relations Officer at the Shalom Hartman Institute and as Chairperson of Rashut Harabim. Laura brought more than fifteen years of experience in communications, public relations branding, and fund-raising in the corporate and non-profit sectors to Rashut Harabim, helping the forum to work with and achieve tangible goals with individual donors, foundations, philanthropic organizations, and Israeli government institutions. Of note during her term was the Jerusalem Municipality decision to begin funding liberal Torah study classes.

Inbar Bluzer Shalem


Inbar Bluzer Shalem is a founder and the director of Rashut Ha`Rabim, a partnership of more than 30 organizations in Jerusalem, which aims to transform Jerusalem into the global capital of Jewish renaissance. Previously, Inbar founded and directed Haifa Hillel, and she is the alumna of six pluralistic Batei Midrash programs in Israel. Inbar was the first Hillel shlicha to University of Massachusetts. Inbar holds a BA in economics and an MA in humanitarian affairs through a joint program of Israelis and Palestinians in Italy and is now studying toward rabbinic ordination at HUC and an MA in pluralistic Jewish education at Hebrew University. She is married and lives in Jerusalem with three of the most amazing children in the city.

Our Organizations

Ein Prat: The Midrasha

Beit Yisrael


Beit Morasha


Hebrew Union College

The Secular Yeshiva


Hashgacha Pratit

The Yerushalmit Movement

The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

התנועה הרפורמית

The Reform Movement

Tene Yerushalmi


Yeshivat Talpiot

The JTS-Schocken Institute for Jewish Research

The Shechter Institute

Shalom Hartman Institute

Mimizrach Shemesh

Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center for Conservative Judaism

Mashiv HaRuach

נאמני תורה ועבודה

Ne'emanei Torah Va'Avodah

Neshima AMI

Studio of Her Own

Avoda Shebaguf

Kol HaOt




רוח נכון

Ruach Nachon


Our partners

The Jewish Agency

Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest

UJA-Federation of New York


ROI Community

Avi Chai Foundation

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation