Educational and Social Tourism: Shared Living, Challenges and Opportunities

In the heart of the revitalized Kiryat Hayovel neighborhood, there is one large house, which is home to 35 organizations that promote multi-faceted Judaism in Jerusalem: Bait Rashut Ha’Rabim.

The goal of the Rashut Ha’Rabim – the Jerusalem Forum for Jewish Renewal Organizations is to make Jerusalem the capital of Jewish renewal by promoting moderate Judaism and turning Jerusalem into an open city for all its people, with the participation of diverse organizations from entire spectrum of Israeli Judaism.

Join us for a day of experiential learning to groups and organizations, include lectures, workshops and meetings dealing with issues particular to Jerusalem, often using the neighborhood of Kiryat Yovel as a case study.  Activities to choose from:

Lecture: Jerusalem as a microcosm of the issues surrounding religion and state

Study workshop: Social justice the a Jewish lens

Creative Writing Workshop: writing in the spirit of Jewish texts

Tour: Rashut Ha’Rabim and Kiryat Yovel – connections and sectors, community and tradition.

In addition, there is a wide range of workshops and activities that that we are happy to organize such as lectures, Beitei Midrash and writing workshops, meditation, movement and theatre.

For details and contact: Inbar Bluzer-Shalem, 972-54-4323642, inbar@jfjro.org