Come meet another Jerusalem…

Rashut Ha’Rabim has launched an educational and social tourism initiative for visitors from Israel and abroad. Our “bayit” or Jerusalem Center for Jewish Renaissance and Pluralism makes us uniquely suited to provide a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of Jerusalem and Jewish pluralism. Groups come to hear what Jewish pluralism means while others join to learn more about how they can become active in the field and affect a change of policy.

Join us for a day of experiential learning for groups and organizations, including lectures, workshops and tours dealing with special issues in  Jerusalem, and in Kiryat Yovel as a case study.

Activities to choose from:

Lecture: Jerusalem as a microcosm of the issues surrounding  religion and state

Study workshop: Social justice the a Jewish lens

Study workshop: Who has a place in my neighborhood?

Creative Writing Workshop: writing in the spirit of Jewish texts

Tour: Rashut Ha’Rabim and Kiryat Yovel – connections and sectors, community and tradition.

In addition, there is a wide range of workshops and activities that we will be happy to organize for you: lectures, Beitei Midrash and writing workshops, meditation, movement and theater.

For details and contact: Inbar Bluzer-Shalem, 972-54-4323642, inbar@jfjro.org

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