The public spaces in Jerusalem flourish during the holidays.  From every neighborhood, preparations songs and smells from holiday recipes fill the air.  Here at Rashut HaRabim we welcome the holiday atmosphere and join in the activities that celebrate Jerusalem’s diverse communities:

Building Celebrations

Familiarity and shared responsibility with neighbors are created through joint activities in apartment buildings during the holidays.  We distributed holiday kits to apartment buildings throughout various neighborhoods in the city.  There were planting kits for creating a shared garden on Tu B’Shvat, Chanukiyyot and board games on Hanukkah, extra readings for Passover seder, and more. 

This is Jerusalem

 Tolerance and diversity events in honor of Jerusalem Day, held as a partnership of organizations throughout the city.  Read more about this amazing project on its website.

Shavuot Map

It’s well known that Jerusalem is the best place to celebrate Shavuot.  Dozens of Shavuot evening study sessions occur all over the city, from a variety of traditions and denominations.  We gather all of the study sessions and put them on one map. 

Weekends in Jerusalem

Jerusalem weekends are also filled with events.  Every weekend between September and December, a variety of events are held by the Rashut HaRabim organizations.