Shavuot map in Jerusalem | All the Events

Plenty of learning events and classes from night until dawn. Every year there are more and more synagogues, cultural establishments and private groups that gather to study together in Shavuot as part of the tikkun. The response to the ancient call “rise and we shall mount to Zion” is occurring before our eyes. There are plenty of learning events and classes going on from night until dawn.

The Safed mystics of the 16 hundreds interpreted tikkun as a decoration. The hours of studying together were compared to decorating the bride for her honeymoon by weaving a necklace made of Torah, Mishnah, Talmud and Zohar. Shavuot evening is therefore an old and new cultural experience that is the peak of the yearly activities of the Israeli – Jewish renewal organizations in learning, gathering and creating. It is a night of openness, attention, gathering and learning and we will add to the necklace new beads: arts, the Bible, Talmud, philosophy, literature, poetry and more.

The Shavuot map is a loyal collaboration with Dov Abamsons’ studio and the Keshet fund.