Innovation Hub

Rashut Ha’Rabim’s Innovation Hub is a model of effective social impact. Organizations from Orthodox to secular will work closely together, increasing the impact of their social initiatives. Participants will gain the tools to initiate projects which bring concrete solutions to foster a shared society. Specialized training will guide activists as they build their ideas and implement them in the field.

The Innovation Hub will kick-off February 2020, with our first ever cohort of dynamic social entrepreneurs. Professional and lay mentors will partner with social entrepreneurs and pluralism organizations in order to develop groundbreaking Jewish renaissance ideas. A dynamic and vibrant group of Jerusalem social activists will work independently and as partners in fostering greater opportunities for public .community life.

Educational and Social Tourism

Rashut Ha’Rabim has launched an educational and social tourism initiative for visitors from Israel and abroad. Our “bayit” or Jerusalem Center for Jewish Renaissance and Pluralism makes us uniquely suited to provide a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of Jerusalem and Jewish pluralism. Groups come to hear what Jewish pluralism means while others join to learn more about how they can become active in the field and affect a change of policy.


Shabbat Initiative

Shabbat events around the city aimed at young people who seek culture and activity on Shabbat.


Shavuot Map

Tikkun Leil Shavuot, or the “Repair of Shavuot Night,” draws people from all denominations to synagogues, community centers, theaters and schools for white-night group learning sessions. This Shavuot map is your guide to tikkunim around the city.


This is Jerusalem: Jerusalem Day

A Series of Events Celebrating Diversity in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is blessed with an almost infinite variety of beliefs, prayers, populations and lifestyles. This is Jerusalem insists on seeing this vast diversity as a reservoir of opportunity and hope – not only on Jerusalem Day, but 365 days a year. No matter who you are – Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Arab, Israeli, politically left or right, secular or religious, Zionist -Orthodox, liberal or conservative – if you believe in the equal rights of each and every one of Jerusalem’s residents, you are one of us.


50 Reasons for Hope

The 50 Reasons for Hope project puts a spotlight on the people, organizations, and institutions that work every day to make Jerusalem an even better place. We present to you the leaders of civil activism who are building bridges instead of walls. We want to shed light on activities that seek to join people together and bring them closer.


The center of Professional Developement

Rashut HaRabim hosts monthly training workshops for the 35 members of our Forum as well as external organizations with pluralistic values. Capacity building workshops include communications and digital marketing workshops, fundraising, content and enrichment workshops.

Building a Glow

“Buildings Aglow”

Celebrating together,

Brightening Buildings,

Illuminating Neighborhoods.


Women Illuminates

Women in Jerusalem are excluded from all manner of religious and public appearance. In response, Rashut Ha’Rabim has launched Women Illuminate for the second year, whereby women lead public Chanukah lighting festivities.