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The “Rashut HaRabim” forum invites you to support the pluralistic discourse in Jerusalem, and promoting a rich and diverse Jewish culture.

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Bank account details: Rashut HaRabim, Bank Leumi (10), Kanfei Nesharim Branch (647), Account number 23000006.

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Made out to Rashut HaRabim. Address: Rashut HaRabim, Aharon Rabinowitz St 33, Jerusalem ISRAEL, 9654937.

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NGO number: 580645448

NGO Details can be found on our Guidestar page.

For additional information contact Inbar Bluzer-Shalem, director of Rashut HaRabim: inbar@jfjro.org, or download the brochures: About Rashut Harabim, Beit Rashut Harabim.

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash