Photo by Headway on Unsplash

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

In Sept 2019, Rashut HaRabim will launch the first cadre of social entrepreneurs for religious pluralism in the city. Professional and lay mentors will teach resident organizations how to develop groundbreaking Jewish renaissance ideas into supportable platforms. Specialized training will guide professionals as they build up their ideas and implement them in their organizations.

About Rashut Ha’Rabim

Rashut Ha’Rabim is a forum of more than 35 Jerusalem-based Jewish Renewal and Pluralism organizations. Our objective is twofold: to advance Jerusalem as the capital of Jewish Renaissance, and to ensure a future for Jerusalem that promotes a vivacious Jewish culture which is inclusive, Zionist and democratic.  The Forum and its organizations inspire Jerusalem’s residents from the bottom up, through Torah and shared society as a model for all of the Israeli’s citizenry.  Rashut Ha’Rabim leads the charge in public discourse and Jewish culture in the Jerusalem, both in the public sphere and in the corridors of local government.

About the Project

The overarching objective of this initiative is to launch a pilot project Rashut HaRabim’s Hub for Innovation in order to foster greater understanding and social cohesion among diverse sectors of Jerusalem society. The initiative will help find solutions to the growing chasm between religious and secular communities and increasing hostilities between Jerusalem’s residents based on religious observance. Participants will gain the tools to initiate projects which bring concrete solutions to curb hostilities. Between 15-20 social entrepreneurs will enhance their knowledge of communities other than their own, Israel’s democratic character and the right to freedom of expression of religion.

Expected outcomes include:

A model for replication which Rashut HaR’abim will use to launch its Innovation Hub.

As many as 10 partnerships between the members of diverse communities ranging from secular to ultra-Orthodox including women and men from all streams of religious observations.

A cadre of active Jerusalem residents who work individually and as partners in fostering greater openness toward a shared society.