The Innovation Hub ( Hamanbeta) is a model of effective social impact. Young Jewish entrepreneurs from diverse organizations work closely in this annual program, diversifying and increasing their social initiatives. Participants from a wide range of backgrounds gain the tools to initiate projects that offer concrete solutions for building a wider Jewish tent and creating a shared society. 

Specialized mentors guide participants as they realize their visions and implement change in the field.

The Innovation Hub Launced in February 2020 with our first-ever cohort of dynamic social entrepreneurs. Professional and lay mentors partner with social entrepreneurs and pluralistic organizations to develop groundbreaking initiatives for the renewal of Jewish life. A dynamic and vibrant group of Jerusalem social activists will work independently and as partners in fostering greater opportunities for shared public life and community.

An Exemplary Project That Resulted From Our Partnership with Tene

Tene Yerushalmi is an NPO that works to strengthen Jerusalem’s pluralistic public through education, activism, and community events. Through a variety of programs we endorse values of democracy, zionism, and social awareness.

The Zerem (“The Flow”) is a special initiative led by university students for university students that live and study in Jerusalem. We invite students to meet with leading figures in the fields of social activism and change, to learn from them, be inspired, and discuss ways to create meaningful social change. We hope to engage students from abroad to meet and learn with English-speaking Israeli students, including encounters with social change leaders working in Jerusalem today. 

people at the innovation hub
photo: Boaz Perlstein
Photo: Boaz Perlstein