Our partners are the heart and the motivation of the Jewish-Israeli field in Jerusalem and all of Israel. Over thirty organizations with diverse world views are incorporated in the forum: religious, secular, traditional, liberal and others. The organizations operate in the realm of Jewish renewal through different channels of activity: education, culture, lobbying and activism, and employ a range of strategies and work methods.


Alma Academy for female leadership


Arevot – Women Weaving Tradition

Arevot is a women’s Beit Midrash empowering social leaders and Talmidot Hachamot in the spirit of the Mizrahi-Sephardi Jewish heritage, confident in the ability of women to transmit tradition and heal society. We believe that the Mizrahi-Sephardi heritage can serve as a model for a diverse and inclusive society rooted in values of social justice,


Arevot – Women Weaving Tradition

Arevot is a women’s Beit Midrash empowering social leaders and Talmidot Hachamot in the spirit of the Mizrahi-Sephardi Jewish heritage, confident in the ability of women to transmit tradition and heal society. We believe that the Mizrahi-Sephardi heritage can serve as a model for a diverse and inclusive society rooted in values of social justice,


Avoda Shebaguf

Avoda Shebaguf was established in 2008 by five women in Jerusalem who were looking for a safe space to grapple with issues of feminine Jewish identity in Israel. These modern-religious women felt a strong sense of misalignment and tension between their minds, bodies and souls – they soon came to understand that they were not

Beit Midrash Elul

Elul is an egalitarian Beit Midrash whose name is derived from the words of the “voice of God,” which according to the Talmud intervened in the conflict between Beit Hillel and Beit Shamai, proclaiming that “both these and those are the words of the living God.” And accordingly, since it was established, Elul has given

Beit Morasha

Beit Morasha of Jerusalem: The Center for Advanced Judaic Studies and Leadership is devoted to advancing a vibrant and inclusive vision of Judaism, through cultivating inspired and dynamic Jewish leadership for the State of Israel and the Jewish world.

Beit Yisrael

A cooperative community that bridges between: Dreams and their fruition; Visions of our forefathers and the actions of pioneers across the generations ; The Jewish mission and burning questions of today.

Degel Yehuda

The Degel Yehuda Egalitarian Sephardic community in Jerusalem follows the traditions of the Sephardim and Jews from the Islamic lands, in a spirit of moderation and loyalty to the heritage of Israel. Degel Yehuda is home to those seeking a connection to the Sephardi – Mizrahi tradition. Drawing on our traditions, we strive to fulfill


Ein Prat: The Midrasha

A passionate Beit Midrash in which Israel’s young adults come together from across the religious and political spectrum to forge a new paradigm for Israel. Students learn canonical Jewish and Western texts with one another, drawing inspiration from them for Israel’s future.

Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center for Conservative Judaism

In 1972 leaders of the United Synagogue of America decided to establish a Conservative Jewish home in the heart of the Jewish State. Imbued with that vision, they founded The Center for Conservative Judaism in Jerusalem. Today, Conservative Jews from all over the world visit the Center for study, guidance, fellowship and hospitality, and above all, to be


For more than 40 years, Gesher has been bridging the gaps between different segments of Israeli society. Gesher’s message is, “Be different, be together”; remain true to yourself while coexisting with those who are different from you. Gesher’s innovative programming targets current leaders of Israel, future leaders of Israel and the Israeli public. Through its

Hashgacha Pratit

Hashgacha Pratit offers an alternative kashrut supervision for restaurants and businesses. Our Mashgihim supervise the businesses while creating a co-operative relationship with the owners and workers, based on shared values, and in accordance with Halacha.

Hebrew Union College

We are the center of innovation for Jewish life and learning – preparing rabbis, cantors, leaders in Jewish education, Jewish nonprofit professionals, pastoral counselors, and scholars to apply their knowledge, commitment, vision, and expertise to strengthen and transform the Jewish community and larger world.


While young Israelis speak Hebrew and follow the cycle of the Jewish calendar, many perceive Judaism as only a religion. They view Jewish tradition as outdated, inaccessible, or irrelevant to their lives. Hillel Israel seeks to emphasize the relevance of Jewish life to today’s Israeli students and young adults, inspiring them to explore their Jewish

Kerem Institute

The Kerem Institute for Teacher Training was established by a group of educators in 1974 with a goal to train Israeli high school teachers to integrate Judaic material in a humanistic fashion into general studies curricula. Kerem Institute leads the city of Jerusalem’s Teacher Leaders program on behalf of and together with the Jerusalem District (Manhi) and

Kol HaOt

Kol HaOt imparts Jewish values, texts and history through a creative synthesis of the visual and performing arts. We believe that harnessing the arts, via our interactive programs, is a necessity, not a luxury, and is an effective model for Jewish education, identity and community.

Kol Israel Haverim

Alliance – Kol Israel Haverim (KIAH) is a leading educational organization in Israel, and part of the Alliance Israélite Universelle organization that was established in 1860 in France in order to promote solidarity among Jews worldwide. The founders of Alliance Israélite Universelle created a bold educational framework enabling Jewish pupils in Islamic countries to integrate



Kolech, founded in 1998, is the first Orthodox Jewish feminist organization in Israel. Kolech aims to increase public awareness and bring about change in Israeli religious society.  It seeks to disseminate the values of gender equality and mutual respect, to encourage equal opportunities for women in the public arena, including the advancement of women’s rights


Beit Midrash for social action leadership. It partners with Israeli leaders to explore shared Jewish values, empowers them to create their own value-based framework for decision making and challenges them to apply these new tools in their work. Utilizing this new way of thinking, these leaders are changing the way that Israel does business, educates

Mashiv HaRuach

Since 1994, Mashiv HaRuach has been contributing to the building of a rich and diverse Jewish Israeli culture that is at once creative and innovative yet steeped in the richness of Jewish heritage and tradition. At the intersection between modernity and tradition, Mashiv Haruach is positioned to contribute to a new creative, inspiring Jewish Israeli identity. Mashiv

Mechon Hadar

Machon Hadar provides a home for people seeking to build, sustain and empower vibrant, practicing and egalitarian communities that promote Torah study, prayer, and loving kindness. We seek to build a world where such communities may thrive, and hold intensive yeshiva programs and an active Beit Midrash, maintain ties with our alumni and collaborate with


Mimizrach Shemesh

Mimizrach Shemesh, is a Beit Midrash and Center for Jewish Social Activism and Leadership in Israel. We cultivate leaders and train activists who are dedicated to the values of communal responsibility and social action rooted in all Jewish traditions including those of the Sephardi and Mizrachi heritage. The Center was founded in 2000 by the Avi Chai

Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah

Our Mission is to forge a more open and tolerant discourse in Religious Zionism, one that integrates a halachic lifestyle with active engagement in Israeli society, in order to strengthen tolerance, equality, and social responsibility on the national level. Our Dream is to formulate a strong and proud Religious Zionist community; an Israel in which

Neshima AMI

Our goal is to cope with the contemporary identity crisis, particularly the Jewish identity crisis in Israel and all around the Jewish world, using artistic tools, music and spirituality.


Ruach Nachon

Ruach Nahon was established as a non-profit organization in the spirit of the late Rabbi Menachen Froman. It was founded by a group of young adults living in Jerusalem, including educators and intellectuals. Faced with many growing schisms between the city’s sectors, they wanted to shape Jerusalem into a force for social unity, while creating a

Shalom Hartman Institute

The Shalom Hartman Institute is one of the leading centers of Jewish thought and education, serving Israel and world Jewry. Our mission is to strengthen Jewish peoplehood, identity and pluralism and ensure that Judaism is a compelling force for good in the 21st century.

Studio of Her Own

To provide religious women artists with the most necessary basic needs for professional and economic advancement: work space, basic business education, marketing tools, a supportive environment for professional feedback and the development of a wider professional artistic network for continued career development.

Tene Yerushalmi

Tene Yerushalmi is committed to foster young adults’ communities in Jerusalem who create a network of progressive social-activism in the city. Tene Yerushalmi was founded in 2011 by five collaborative urban communities that have been involved in Jerusalem-based activism for the last decade. Today the graduates of our various educational programs, originally coming from both the

The Hebrew Calendar

Establishing Holidays for Generations Throughout their years in Diaspora, Jewish communities around the world developed remarkable annual celebrations, animated by their rich local heritage. Among these community traditions, the Sigd, the Mimouna, the Bsisa, and the Saharana holidays have gained national prominence in Israel in recent years. Other holidays, however, remain obscure, such as the


The JTS-Schocken Institute for Jewish Research

The JTS-Schocken Institute for Jewish Research is dedicated to research in the fields of Jewish Law, Responsa Literature and History of Jewish Education and seeks to create, preserve and disseminate knowledge through research and scholarly industry. Our special and distinctive library is more than just a repository of a great rare book collection but is research

The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel

The purpose and mission of the Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism is to support the work of Israelis in building a Judaism that preserves observance and tradition while recognizing how modern life in Israel is lived.Hundreds of thousands of Israelis in the Masorti Movement—young and old, native-born and immigrants, men and women, able and disabled—are engaged in building

The Reform Movement

The Israel Movement for Reform & Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) is the umbrella organization of all the Reform communities and institutions in Israel. We seek to integrate Jewish tradition with the realities of modern life, and believe in the right of each individual to shape their own Jewish way of life through a process of study and

The Secular Yeshiva

BINA combines Jewish learning, social action and community building, through cultural, social and educational programs that reach over 50,000 Israelis and Jews from all over the world every year.  BINA strives to strengthen Israel as a democratic pluralistic society, to reinvigorate Jewish culture, and to express the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam (“repair of the world”). BINA emphasizes Jewish learning

The Shechter Institute

Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies runs the largest Jewish Studies M.A. program in Israel, with over 500 students, most of whom are educators coming from all over the country and bridging the entire religious spectrum. Over 1500 Schechter graduates have returned to their workplaces enriched in Jewish knowledge with a personal and professional commitment to sharing


Seeks to change the face of Judaism in the Israeli public domain by striving for Quality leadership that sees Judaism as a rich and diverse culture and to allow a meaningful Jewish lifestyle in the secular population adjusted to humane and Zionist values. Tmura offers the only training program that is based on the view

Yeshivat Talpiot

Yeshivat Talpiot is an egalitarian religious yeshiva in Israel. In the midst of the cultural revival taking place in Jerusalem today, Yeshivat Talpiot is creating a unique blend of commitment to religious study and practice and the values of feminism, democracy, and human rights.


Yesodot – the center of clarification of issues concerning Torah and state was established by a group Religious Zionist Educators in 1996 after the murder of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. The goal of the center is to stabilize a Jewish-Civil terminology that is exposed to a wide range of Jewish and democratic values. This terminology

Our partners

Avi Chai Foundation

AVI CHAI is a private foundation endowed by Zalman C. Bernstein that is committed to the perpetuation of the Jewish people, Judaism, and the centrality of the State of Israel to the Jewish people.

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation is a global enterprise that supports and creates innovative initiatives for the purpose of igniting the passion and unleashing the power in young people to create positive change in their communities.


Jerusalem Tolerance Coalition

Founded by the Jerusalem Foundation.


Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest

The largest Jewish philanthropy in New Jersey and the eighth largest Federation in the country, serving the Jewish community in Essex, Morris, Sussex, Union, and parts of Somerset counties. Inspired by our Jewish values, Federation cares for people in need locally, in Israel, and in 70 countries around the world. Together, Federation builds upon and

Leichtag Foundation

Advancing self-sufficiency, vibrant Jewish life & social entrepreneurship in North San Diego County and Jerusalem


Panim – The National Organiztion

‘Panim’ is an umbrella organization incorporating sixty organizations active in the fields of Jewish-Israeli education, culture and community activity. The ‘Panim’ organizations represent the range of Israel’s Jewish sectors: religious, secular, traditional, liberal and others. For the past 25 years these organizations have been active, each in their own field, in Jewish renewal and in adapting

ROI Community

An international network of activists and change makers who are redefining Jewish engagement for a new generation of global citizens.

The Jerusalem Model

Catalyzing agents of change who co-create a vibrant, diverse and resilient civil society in Jerusalem


The Jewish Agency

Since 1929, The Jewish Agency for Israel has been working to secure a vibrant Jewish future. We were instrumental in founding and building the State of Israel and continue to serve as the main link between the Jewish state and Jewish communities everywhere. This global partnership has enabled us to address the Jewish People’s greatest

UJA Federation New York

At UJA, we identify and meet the needs of New Yorkers and Jews everywhere through the power of collective action. Together, we care for people in need, respond to crises close to home and far away, and shape our Jewish future. For our next century, we’re mobilizing our entire network to get involved in ways