On Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) 2021, Reshut Harabim (a forum of thirty-eight renewal Jewish organizations in Jerusalem) and Central Synagogue of New York City joined efforts to explore new and exciting ways to mark the day. Together they reframed the narrative around Yom Yerushalayim with an emphasis on the city’s diversity and pluralistic potential. 

The program included:

Yerushalayim Ircha: a Festive Concert of Jewish Music

Nigunim Ensemble | Shani Ben Or and Boaz Dorot  

MoveMeant: Embodying Sacred Text intention

Founder & Dancer Yonatan Arnon

MiTzion: How Art from the Women of Jerusalem can Change the World

Featuring Tzipi Mizrachi (Cultural and social entrepreneur, founder of the Studio of Her Own – Women Arts Center in Jerusalem) & Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen (a conceptual artist who uses her Syrian heritage as a lens through which to examine cultural shifts and change). 


Hatikvah: Personal Prayers for Jerusalem

MC’s: Rabbi Inbar Bluzer Shalem – CEO of Forum Reshut HaRabim

Yonatan Yosef Arnon – Co-director of the Global Educational Tourism department