Rashut Ha’Rabim along with our Forum’s wide range of Jewish Renaissance organizations has launched an initiative to host Shabbat events around the city aimed at young people who seek culture and activity on Shabbat. With funds secured by Rashut Ha’Rabim through the Jerusalem Municipality this initiative is aimed at helping young people connect with one of Jerusalem’s most beautiful facets- the celebration of Shabbat. The project connects young people to the city and allows them to enjoy its diversity while finding a place for themselves and their families. Among the initiatives that our Forum members host are a lecture series at one of Jerusalem’s kosher cafés which is open on Saturday. Other activities take place Friday morning and motseiShabbat. Beit Pratt, for example is running a tisch (celebrations filled with singing, prayer and refreshments on erev Shabbat and bringing together secular and observant people together) and Nama’ane Torah v’Avoda hosts lectures, including one with the renowned Ruth Gavison at cafés which maintain kashrut on Shabbat by preparing food in advance and by accepting payment before or after Shabbat. Moreover, activities bring together the wide range of Jerusalem residents, from secular to observant.