How do you turn the most complicated and polarized city in the world into a place that is moderate and tolerant? Into a city that is better for everyone? How do you increase the impact of organizations? How do you create partnerships with the mayor? 

These questions have been with us for years, both the questions that launched us on a shared journey 12 years ago and those that form the basis of our day-to-day activities.  

Thanks to the leadership of the Board, the staff, and of course the leaders and representatives of member organizations, we are responding to these questions with action, and we are seeing successes. Thank you for your steadfast partnership! 

We decided to stop for a moment as the new year begins to count and appreciate the fruits of our labor. 

Increasing Organizational Impact

Training and Mentoring – 8 resource development and marketing communication workshops reaching over 200 participants. In addition, an in-depth process for 5 organizations, including support for their digital communications.

New Scholarship Program – 12 paid interns joined the staff of 7 organizations, augmenting work experience with a joint training program. 

Municipal Budgets for Organizations – more organizations benefited from core municipal funding programs, and more organizations joined city-funded activities. 

Publication of Calls for Proposal – We publicized over 100 opportunities for funding and development for the organizations in a variety of fields. 

Establishment of the Communities Department – RHR launched a program for about 30 pluralistic communities in the city in parallel to our program for organizations, assisting them to raise municipal funding for activities, providing them with advertising and marketing services, and offering dedicated trainings. 

Establishment and Management of Community House, a new spiritual, cultural and entrepreneurship center in Kiryat Yovel, formed in partnership with three communities and social-change organizations together with the Community Council and the Jerusalem municipality and offering 20 hours of activity per week. 

Expansion of Activities at Beit Rashut HaRabim – a permanent home and offices for 12 organizations, fostering cooperation and saving organizations over 50% in operating costs. An increase in activity to more than 50 hours of activity every week. 

Turning Jerusalem into a tolerant and moderate city

Marketing and advertising the activities and events of the organizations every week, giving them exposure to thousands of internet users. 

Giant map campaigns – Shavuot, megillah readings on Purim and High Holiday events. 

‘This is Jerusalem’ festival – 80 tolerance events for Jerusalem Day 

‘Lighting in the City’ festival – 40 Hanukkah events with women lighting candles in a public space 

Social tourism in Kiryat Yovel – 1500 agents of change 

‘In the Building’ project to develop social resilience – led by the municipality and in partnership with us, reaching 2,000 buildings in 13 neighborhoods 

In the coming year we will continue with all our might to solidify and increase the activities of Rashut HaRabim, and several innovative ventures are already brewing. This is a key year for the city with municipal elections coming up. Our wish is that Jerusalem–and we–will be worthy of its residents, its visitors, and all those who draw inspiration from this unique and sacred place.  

Guy Gardi, Chair of the Board of Directors, and Inbar Bluzer Shalem, Founding Executive Director