Part of our vision at Rashut HaRabim is to give organizations that deal in Jewish renewal the best and most contemporary tools to improve their activities, to work collaboratively and efficiently.  We accomplish this with two methods:

A. The Center for Professional Development

We run regular training workshops for our organizations, depending on the needs that arise from the field.  During the coronavirus crisis, these workshops proved to be even more vital in supporting and training organizations in the transition into remote working environments and online spaces. 
To read more about the center, click here.

B. The Educational Start-Up Incubator of initiatives for Jewish-Israeli Innovation

Our educational start-up incubator is a practical learning program, which helps a select group of 15 entrepreneurs to advance ideas, dreams and solutions, and bring them from idea to action.  The goal of the incubation is to address the new challenges of Jerusalem, by cultivating the next generation of the field of Jewish renewal.