We are excited to celebrate a winning Jerusalem tradition – the Tikkun Shavuot map is turning 10! The map brings cultural and spiritual richness to the Shavuot holiday alongside the cheesecakes. It brings variety as only Jerusalem can create, over 70 events in one night, from abundant secular learning through liberal religious communities to traditional Orthodox institutions. The pluralistic batei midrash will be wide open until the small hours, creating an experience of learning and human encounter that connects people from different corners of society. And we, Rashut HaRabim, in collaboration with Dov Abramson Studio and the Keshet Foundation, have the privilege of placing all this wealth on one map, of celebrating Jewish pluralism at its best. All we have to do is package it nicely and present it as a gift to anyone who wants it.
The study sessions will take place in Hebrew, English and French. (Some of the sessions will be held in both Hebrew and English. They are generally listed in Hebrew on the map.)